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Plumbing Service Testimonials in Edmonton

Dedicated to exceptional plumbing service from licensed technicians, AA Johnny’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service Ltd in Edmonton will provide a timely and cost-effective solution for you. We invite you to read what customers have said about us. Would you like to comment about your experience with AA Johnny’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service? We encourage you to send us your feedback through the form on this page.





Thanks for the Great Service

Hi Gord,

I thought I’d write a quick note to say thanks for the great service. Gord (the other Gord) came by the house this morning and sorted out our minor drainage issues. He was happy to answer what had to be a hundred questions, while I looked over his shoulder the entire time.

Thanks to you, as well, for patiently answering my questions and applying no sales pressure.

—Ron H.

You Can Depend on Them

AA johnny's Sewer & Drain cleaning service does the job right the FIRST TIME. You can depend on them when things go wrong, to always make things right! Would recommend their services to anyone :)

—Caitlynn S.

Persistent, Professional, Courteous, and Empathetic

I’ve had blockages & sewer backups with my septic system since 2010 on a regular basis. I’ve spent thousands of dollars for augering over the years. Plumbers would punch a hole through the blockage and it would be good for a while. In 2016, I ever had my outside trenched only to find there was nothing wrong with my sewer line. 

I called AA Johnny and Chris augered the line again but could not clear the blockage. Chris did not give up. He suggested a write a history report and Gord would respond to me. He did, and sent out Daniel to follow up. He too could not auger out the blockage. He persisted and using some kind of sonar device, he found another clean out in a room 10 feet from the septic tank. (One other company previously found this too). Daniel was the only plumber who insisted that we had to access the cleanout and break 4 tiles. He did that for me. He placed the auger and a camera through the cleanout and discovered the camera was completely immersed in water. He found that the blockage was at the “T” joint at the very end of the sewer line (some 80 feet from my other cleanout). He augered it, and you could see the water immediately enter into the tank. Daniel determined it was a grease blockage. A few days later, Daniel returned to pressure the entire sewer line. I should be good for an indefinite period of time now. Chris, Daniel, and Gord were persistent, professional, courteous, and empathetic towards our cause. You are the only ones that got to the “root” of our problem and resolved it.

Thank you sincerely to all at AA Johnny.

I will recommend your company without hesitation.

-Alber & Elaine I.


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