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Residential drain cleaning in Edmonton Alberta - Frozen pipes

The best way to keep plumbing problems from turning into an expensive mess is to be prepared for them and know how to deal with them if they arise. One of the main plumbing issues that you should be on the lookout for during the wintertime is frozen pipes. Because water expands when it freezes, frozen pipes can easily crack or burst. Any pipes that are exposed to the cold or that run through walls without insulation are susceptible to freezing. A leak from a burst pipe can cause severe damage to your home.

Thawing Frozen Pipes The telltale sign of a frozen pipe during the winter is if you turn on your faucet but only a small trickle of water comes out. Take a look around your exterior walls and try to locate the frozen pipe, which will likely be covered in ice or frost. You should keep the faucet open as you work on thawing the pipe, as the running water will aid in the thawing process. Now you simply have to apply a source of heat and wait for the ice to thaw. Some good options for heating elements include a hair dryer, an electric heating pad, a space heater, and even hot towels wrapped around the pipe. Preventing Frozen Pipes One of the best ways to save your pipes from freezing during a cold spell is to insulate all pipes located outside or in uninsulated walls. You should also drain and remove all outdoor hoses, open outdoor hose bibs, and close all inside vales for the outdoor bibs as well. During a particularly cold day or night opening all of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets can also help keep your pipes from freezing, as it puts them in contact with warmer air. When to Call an Edmonton Plumber If you locate your frozen pipe and see that it has already cracked, then you should call the Edmonton plumbers at AA Johnny’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service Ltd right away. An experienced plumbing contractor also needs to be consulted if the frozen pipe is inaccessible, or if you can access it but are having a difficult time thawing it yourself. Don’t put your home or your belongings at risk. Call AA Johnny's Sewer & Drain Cleaning Service Ltd today if you’re having issues with frozen pipes.

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